Our Speakers


Teo - Malaysia

Teo has co-founded two real estate brokerage agencies specialising in the marketing of real estate projects across the globe. He has successfully built teams in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan and China. He has successfully secured many partnerships with various new partners in markets such as Korea and the UK. He was previously the Sales Director of a Property Development company, overseeing the sales and marketing of multiple projects serving more than 600 investors with a total value transacted above 150M USD.

Zien - Malaysia

Zien (IamGarfield) is a Co-Founder of Crypto Crib Club. He has had a strong passion for real estate and art investments. Having purchased his first real estate property at the age of 21, he has honed his skills in real estate portfolio construction and is actively managing a private REITS portfolio in South East Asia. He speaks 3 languages and has successfully built teams in Singapore, Malaysia and China and has continuously launched successful marketing campaigns in the region.

Stanley - Indonesia

Stanley (Garuda) is in charge of the Indonesian Operational Crypto Crib Club. GARUDA has been in the property business in Indonesia for 13 years. Property Agency Business, Property Interior Business, Property Scale Model Business-Co Working Space, Daily Rental Business, Tax Property Consultant Business, and Property Management and Investment are all part of GARUDA's portfolio. By going digital, they are now aiming to build a real estate community for future real estate in Indonesia. GO DIGITAL IN REAL ESTATE

Mary - Shenzen, China

Founder of VBOSS Founder of Shenzhen Jinmameng Advertisement Co., Ltd. Chairman of The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Vice President of ShenZhen General Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) 20 years of experience in real estate marketing in Greater Bay Area

Chris - Hong Kong

Chris has been in Hong Kong for 20 years, focusing on overseas property markets, including Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Provide one-stop services - buy, manage, rent and sell. Participated in the market planning of more than 300 real estate projects of different sizes and won a number of developer excellence awards.

Lukas - Taiwan

Previously: Chief Executive Officer of I.E. Eva Taiwan - Founding Office - CEO of I.E. Eva Taiwan - Founding Office Present: Sales Director of Asia Pacific Region of Singapore's Grandford International Real Estate - Director of Taipei Operations Office of Hong Kong's Landmark International Real Estate - Deputy Representative of Taiwan's New Times Global Investment Fund (listed) - International Channel Representative of Taiwan's Asian Capital Corporation (listed) International Channel Representative of Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines developers Investment History

Serena - Philippines

Serena has been involved in international real estate for about 15 years. She has extensive experience in developing and selling real estate in Taiwan, and then developed into international real estate. In 2012, she started her career in Asian real estate, from Singapore and Malaysia to Thailand/Japan/Australia, and in 2017, she started her career in the Philippines as a real estate investment and rental management and sales company, and is now a partner of many developers there.